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What is Jones Act And How It Is Useful For Injured Seaman

The Jones Act is a federal law that offers seamen injury settlement rights and permits to file the case against employer for personal injury damages. Unlike, most land-based employees, seamen don’t seem to be entitled to workers’ compensation edges underneath either state or federal law. Thus, seamen cannot file workers’ compensation claims against their employers, The sole compensation that they’re entitled to receive for his or her injuries is through the Jones Act and also the general maritime law.

In general, a seaman could be a person — from crew member to captain – who performs noteworthy amount of work on ship or boat. Even, part time seamen are eligible for compensation for injury under Jones Act.
The Jones act allows seamen to sue his employer for such negligence. To recover all damages, we at Ledger Law can help you prove that due to negligence of owner or authority crew members you are eligible for hefty compensation.


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Maritime Injuries and It’s Hazardous Effects

There has been rise in maritime injuries mainly due to negligence of owner or authority crew members.

Your losses may go beyond medical claims, lost wages and injuries; a maritime accident may have prevented you from attending a once-in-a-lifetime event or from contributing to an important business function. Whatever the case, maritime accident attorneys such as those at The Ledger Law Firm can even help you to assign value to intangible losses to include in your claims.

It’s hard time to imagine that medical bills are already piled up with no fixed income due to the maritime injury. At such times, you feel if there is someone to stand beside and help you for the rights you deserve. We, at Ledger law will help you to stand beside mentally and legally starting from visiting you at home or hospital till the final settlement as a constant helping hand.


Why A Seasoned Maritime Lawyer is Needed to Get the Compensation Deserved

Although general law and also the Jones Act specify monetary damages, seamen generally face issues obtaining all of the advantages they already deserve. Employers and their insurance corporations might manipulate and finish “maintenance and cure” payments. They may argue that there was no negligence on owner side or that unequipped conditions failed to exist.

Since maritime law is somewhat complicated, injured seamen risk inadequate facts and figures if they hire a general personal as compared to a seasoned maritime veteran attorney. Ledger law Firm attorney expert in maritime injuries and focuses on each case personally.

Ledger Law has been dealing with seamen injury cases for over a decade. Our firm has received compensation in maritime accident cases involving:

  • Improper installed equipments
  • Negligence in equipment safety
  • Noncompliance with safety standards
  • Inadequate and poorly groomed crew
  • Vessel malfunctioning in sea resulting in sinking
  • Ship collisions due to working in dangerous conditions

Sometimes just the threat of court action backed by such a reputable firm produces favorable results for our clients resolving case quickly with hefty compensation.

Be aware of the compensation claim and get your opportunity to collect what you actually deserve for all the distress and suffering. Contact Ledger Law firm today and know all the rights you have under Jones Act.

Trusted By Our Clients

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I have nothing but gratitude to the people who worked for this firm. Whatever their title is within the firm, I notice a consistent mix of professionalism, great legal knowledge and consideration for factoring the “personal” aspect in a client-lawyer relationship. Thank you very much to all of you.

Roy G. September 28, 2016

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I would Highly recommend Ledger law Firm to anyone. I was treated with respect and fairness.. I want to thank my team and on the behalf of ledger law Firm for working so hard around the clock to get the best results that you deserve. Ledger Law Always kept me informed about any updates or they would be more than happy to answer any Questions that I had.. Ledger law gave me that reinsurance that everything would be okay, should I ever need a Lawyer in the future, I know that I can count on Ledger Law Firm to get the job done.. Thank you Ledger law Firm.

Robert B. September 28, 2016

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I love ledger law firm this is my second case with them and they mean business I call them sharks (in a good way) they will fight for you while you do nothing at all and get your case done in a quick amount of time

Alexus B. September 28, 2016

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I was clueless and didn’t know where and to whom I would ask for help at first. I am thankful a friend lead me to your office. I was directed as to what to do on how to file and get through to the settlement process.

Kierrah L. September 28, 2016

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If Ledger Law could have ten stars, they’d get it! From day one of my inquiry to include follow up after my settlement, the staff at Ledger Law was there. I NEVER had to call them – they were always one step ahead of me, taking care of business professionally and in a timely manner. They settled my file, a very complicated case within a year, almost to the day. Once the agreement was reached, I received ALL of my funds in a couple weeks and it’s finally over, WOW! And to think I wasted an entire year thinking that I could settle on my own – what a dummy I was — it’s worth the money to pay an attorney, an expert firm like Ledger Law, as evidenced by the amount of money I received.. I could have NEVER negotiated such a large sum. The staff is friendly and professional, the company participates in an e-sign program (how convenient!) and never, ever left me hanging. Everything was completed via email or on the phone, perfect! Thank you Ledger Law for being even MORE than I expected – you rock! Your most admired client, Kelly R, Temecula CA

Kelly R. September 28, 2016

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